Here are the details of what we have built ROV SPEC SHEET JALA CHAKRA  Primary material used: PVC, Aluminium, Acrylic.  Dimensions: 0.6*0.6*0.3 meter  Weight: 10 kilograms  Safety feature: 40A Blade Fuse , 40A manual reset Fuse.          Special features: Rotary Velcro Remover,         Innovative PWM 50v to 24v converter           using a commercial Motor speed controller.           Homemade Depth/Pressure sensor  Team Members Dr Venkatesh Gurappa     Faculty Advisor, Team Mentor, GAT, VTU, India Sumithra Mayur Sundar rajan    Faculty Advisor, Vijaya  High School Vikram Bashyam    Team Advisor P V Paneesh Kumar             Team leader and Pilot Amar Narayan Paipalli     Structural and Control Group Balaji Rajeevalochana      Co-ordinating and Testing  Group Bharath Gopalakrishna     Design and Electronics Group Shreyas Atcham Sanath Kumar  Electronics and Control Group Ashwini Hiremath     Electrical and Programming Group Manasa Nagaraja       Electrical and Testing Group Malatesh Prasad     Web Development and Design Group Swaroop Kukke     Design and Electronics Group Usha Jogappanaik     Software Development and Programming Shruthi Mohandass  Electrical and Co-ordinating Group Sudarshan Anbazagan     Software and Web Development Group Niranjan Hallur                           Co-ordinating and Testing Group Anusha Ramesh     Electrical and Structural Group Rohit Talamanchi     Electronics Group        Pavan kumar N                           Design group “JALA CHAKRA” Members of the Team